Adrafinil vs Aniracetam and Aniracetam vs Adrafinil, Which Smart Drug Is Stronger?

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Adrafinil vs Aniracetam and Aniracetam vs Adrafinil, Which Nootropic Is the Stronger Drug for Mental Stimulation?

Adrafinil is a synthetic wakefulness promoting agent. Having a brand name Olmifon, it is regarded as a dopaminergic nootropic. Adrafinil improves alertness and wakefulness while abbreviating the effects that one feels due to fatigue and drowsiness. It results in Modafinil once broken down and given that it is a powerful compound with unpleasant side effects, caution is recommended. It is used by various kinds of people such as students and narcolepsy patients. The following blog post will look into the popular debate of Adrafinil vs Aniracetam, another powerful Racetam Smart Drug that has been shown to improve mood, memory, focus and overall energy levels in clinical trial studies, and will compare the two drugs in their strengths and weaknesses to better allow the reader to gauge how each drug affects the brain. Aniracetam and Adrafinil are two of the strongest, most popular and most widely used Smart Drugs currently on the market today, and each can have really significant effects on one’s overall cognition if they are used properly. For more information on the debate of Aniracetam vs Adrafinil, and a host of other similar and related Nootropics and online Smart Drugs found on the web, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response.
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Benefits of Adrafinil vs Aniracetam, Who wins As Far As Benefits In The Aniracetam vs Adrafinil Debate?

Most people consider Adrafinil to promote high mental focus and alertness. Being a stimulant, it increases attention, overall energy levels, and stamina. It boosts overall brain energy and improves levels of productivity because it raises the levels of energy and motivation, and proves to be ideal for individuals working in competitive fields. Adrafinil is also associated with cognitive benefits such as memory and improved learning abilities, much like those effects that are so commonly raved about by users of Aniracetam. The major difference between Adrafinil and Aniracetam when looking at these two drugs in their entirety, is that Adrafinil is a stimulant type of drug (wakefulness promoting if we’re getting technical, but generally speaking with many of the same effects as a stimulant drug,) and Aniracetam is a mild Racetam Nootropic with little to no physical stimulating effects, only mental. For this reason, for a newbie user who is looking to improve his productivity either at work or at school, or that is trying to move up the corporate ladder via a big boost of energy from Smart Drugs, the subtle differences between Adrafinil and Aniracetam will be like night and day, illustrated in the below example.
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Adrafinil vs Aniracetam, regarding my personal experiences with each Smart Drug, are vastly different. The first time I took Adrafinil, it was like I had just drank a ton of caffeine with an added kick, and it felt much more similar to something like Adderall or Modafinil than I think most Nootropics bloggers are willing to take the risk and admit. I remember the first time I took this stimulant Smart Drug like it was yesterday, a freshman in college, sitting at my dorm room desk looking at a bottle of Adrafinil 300 milligram capsules that I had soon picked up from Smart Drugs for after ordering it online (not sure if they’re even in business anymore its been like half a decade), as I unscrewed the cap on the bottle, looked at a clear capsule with yellowish white powder in it, and ingested the pill, my first time taking any real Nootropic other than like fish oil or prescription medications such as Adderall. In about an hour the drug kicked in full force, and while its come up was relatively subtle in nature, the increased productivity was not, as I soon became aware that I had not looked up from my Physics textbook in over four hours, kicking it into full gear and really getting a ton of work done as a result of my newfound Smart Drug. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend being this stimulated every single day, for short term or for bi-weekly use (make sure that you are always giving yourself ample time to recover when using stimulant Smart Drugs and that you are taking choline with them and using L-Tyrosine supplements on your off days in order to recoup effectively,) it can really be a great asset to have in your tool belt.

With Aniracetam, the effects were much more subtle initially, so much so that I ended up taking the drug every single day for over a month, with some fantastic benefits but also some side effects. The first time I took Aniracetam I don’t even remember where I was, I just remember the actual experience of taking the drug (see how much more notable Adrafinil is in effects than Aniracetam is,) and I remember what my brain felt like. The first super noticeable effect was the significant increase in visual acuity that I got just thirty minutes after ingesting 2, 700 milligram Aniracetam pills with about 1000 milligrams of CDP Choline, it was like the lights had turned on outside, and everything in my visual scope was just crisp and clear. Past this, I noticed that I was slightly more productive overall, that my memory was somewhat sharper, and that I could focus better and have more mental endurance. I also found that stacking this drug with stimulants, such as Adrafinil, Modafinil, or especially coffee, which I loved to use a lot, really potentiated their general effects. Past this however, Aniracetam did give me some pretty wild dreams and also seemed to lessen my anxiety a little bit, helping me to sleep much better that night. For short term use I would recommend Adrafinil and for long term use I would recommend Aniracetam for sure. Adrafinil for studying is also a better alternative to using Aniracetam for studying, as the drug is just more potent and has a stronger effect on purpose, which is crucial to any serious studying.

Dosage of Adrafinil vs Aniracetam, Which Smart Drug Has a More Sustainable Dosing Regiment To It?

Given that Adrafinil has unpleasant side effects, it should be taken with care. The recommended amount you can take ranges from 150 mg to 300 mg. Beginners are, however, advised to start with small doses and work their way up to the advocated dosage, allowing their bodies to adjust. You should take Adrafinil in cycles to prevent tolerance and side effects. Avoid taking it more than three times weekly or more five months. The minimum effective dosage of Adrafinil is usually going to be around 300 milligrams at a time, whereas the minimum effective dosage for Aniracetam is usually more like 700 to 1400 milligrams at a time. Adrafinil has a ceiling dosage of around 600-900 milligrams, and Aniracetam has a much higher ceiling dosage, at closer to about 5-8 grams of the drug. Some users even megadose Aniracetam, something that I absolutely do not recommend due to the risk entailed of using the drug, however every individual functions differently in their general reaction to Nootropics. When looking at the dosage of Adrafinil vs Aniracetam, no drug has a more proper dosing schedule in either drug, and in fact the way that each drug should be used is somewhat similar in dosing patterns. With Adrafinil, since the drug tends to last from 8 to 15 hours on a single dosage depending on your tolerance to Adrafinil, once pill every single day in the morning should prove effective, as long as it is within about a 300 milligram range. With Aniracetam, you can often times re-dose a few times throughout the day without any significant issues (something that cannot be said for that of Adrafinil,), and can take a much wider range of dosages, 700 milligrams to usually around 2100-2800 milligrams in order to get a good range of effects and benefits.
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Occasionally, Aniracetam and Adrafinil are stacked with a whole host of other similar and related Nootropics and Smart Drugs found on the web in order to increase their potency, and while this is not something I strongly recommend, I don’t always advise against it either, so always do your own research before combining Nootropics together, among the list of commonly stacked Nootropic drugs include the following compounds:







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CDP Choline

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Bacopa Monnieri

And a host of other similar and related Nootropics and Smart Drugs found on the web, read on or subscribe to our blog for additional details and information, and to claim your free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars!

Adrafinil vs Aniracetam Side Effects, Overdose and Addiction Risks For Long Term Use, Which Smart Drug Is More High Risk for Long Term Use?Adrafinil vs Aniracetam

There are some side-effects associated with Adrafinil, although they differ from one person to the other. However, the most common ones are anxiety, dry mouth, irritability, sleep issues, and nausea. The most serious side effects are the hallucination, heart palpitations, vomiting and chest pain. With Aniracetam, since it is not a stimulant drug, the most common side effect that most people complain about when using the drug is that of either cotton mouth or choline headaches, of which are usually stopped dead in their tracks by taking a hefty choline source with the drug, usually CDP Choline or Alpha GPC Choline. The side effects of Adrafinil vs the side effects of Aniracetam are vastly different, and given the stimulating nature of Adrafinil, not to mention its potency when compared to Aniracetam, the side effects are likely to become much more of an issue if too high of a dosage is taken. With Adrafinil, side effects can include headaches, which are normally from dehydration, increased thirst, loss of appetite, mania, tiredness, anxiety, insomnia and an upset stomach if you take too much of the drug. Adrafinil will almost always have harsher side effects than Aniracetam will, as it is something of a short term, high risk high reward type of drug, whereas Aniracetam is much more subtle and not noticeable than Adrafinil is. When looking closely at the Adrafinil vs Aniracetam debate, it becomes increasingly evident that this versus article is a measure of risk and reward, and that taking a stimulant versus using a Racetam type of Nootropic drug in your day to day life will each yield huge risks and possible huger benefits.


How to use Adrafinil Properly vs How to Use Aniracetam Properly, Which Smart Drug Is Generally Better In The Adrafinil vs Aniracetam Debate?

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Consulting your doctor for guidance on correct dosage is recommendable. In case you have been diagnosed with heart complication, Adrafinil should not be your option. You should not mix it with other stimulants to avoid getting heart complications, however Aniracetam can usually be stacked on top of light stimulant drugs in order to increase the drugs potency, since it does not affect heart rate itself unless excessive dosages of the drug are used. For proper usage of both Adrafinil and Aniracetam, the best advice that I can give you, man to man, is for Adrafinil, to use the drug sparingly, definitely not everyday as tolerance and a mild withdrawal may occur, not to mention your risk of excess side effects goes up, and for Aniracetam, to not worry so much and to take the drug in dosages from 700 to 2100 milligrams one to two times daily, and to make sure to always use a choline source with the drug. Aniracetam is actually much more mild than Adrafinil is, and for this purpose you have greater ease of flexibility when it comes to not only the dosage of the drug taken, but also the frequency of the drug being taken, even when we are talking about day to day use of the product. With Adrafinil, while it can have truly amazing effects on mood, memory, focus and overall energy levels in the short term, with regular day to day use, tolerance will build up, and you will soon find that you need twice or even more of the amount that you had previously taken in order to get an effect. I would say that with Adrafinil you should use caution, and that with Aniracetam, to feel free to take a risk once in awhile, just make sure you don’t go overboard with it!

Dangers of Adrafinil vs Aniracetam, Which Drug Is More Dangerous vs Which Nootropic Drug Is Safer for Continued Usage?

Taking Adrafinil for a long time leads to lung problems. This is because enzymes build up in the liver. Thus, taking Adrafinil on a daily basis recommends that you see your doctor regularly to monitor your liver which is not possible. It may also lead to severe skin conditions such as DRESS syndrome, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, and Stevens – Johnson syndrome. With Aniracetam, there have been no noted liver problems, as the drug is relatively mild and is not a stimulant, meaning that the excess strain on the body is nowhere near what it would be with regular Adrafinil usage. The only true danger of Adrafinil is if you take too much of the drug, which is why I always say that users should start off with the minimum effective dosage of 300 milligrams before moving up to 600 or 900 milligram dosages of the drug. As far as Aniracetam is concerned, less safety restrictions can usually be imposed since it is not a stimulant drug. Before we get into the legalize of this blog post, and of what the laws surrounding each of these drugs might look like in your country of origin, the important thing to take from this blog post as a whole I feel, is that in the Adrafinil vs Aniracetam debate, Adrafinil is the clear short term winner due to its immense potency, but that Aniracetam is always going to be the long term favorite of mine because of how safe, subtle and non addictive the drug can be in the user.

If you are Google searching “Adrafinil vs Aniracetam” or “Aniracetam vs Adrafinil,” and stumbled upon this blog post in order to find out what each drug’s effects are in comparison to each other, know that Adrafinil is a type of euphoric stimulant, it will give you a significant boost in energy levels, motivation and mood, and the drug will last for 9 to 12 hours. Aniracetam is much more of a memory type of drug, it is mild in its effects on the physical body, yet it has notable effects on the brain such as improved memory, improved visual effects, significantly decreased anxiety, and greater clarity of thought and sentence fluidity. Each of these Smart Drugs is hugely powerful and very useful in their own rights, and it is entirely up to the user to put in the necessary research and trials necessary before gauging which Nootropic is going to work best for them as they go about their journey through Nootropics and Smart Drugs.
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The Legal Status of Adrafinil vs Aniracetam, Is Adrafinil Legal or Is Aniracetam Legal, Or Are Both Smart Drugs In a Type of Legal Grey Area In The United States and The United Kingdom?

In the United States of America, the purchase, possession, and usage of Adrafinil are legal, and the same goes for Aniracetam, as neither of these drugs are scheduled, and each drug is considered fairly mild in the eyes of the public. In the United Kingdom however, you are looking at an entirely different story, as due to England’s “Psychoactive Substances ban,” the future of Nootropics and related “legal highs” in Britain and throughout Europe looks grim, and it is in fact a problem to purchase and import Nootropics into the country if you are a resident there. There are however Nootropics companies, most of them in fact, that will ship Nootropics and Smart Drugs to the United Kingdom and most parts of Europe, some legally and others, not so, however it is up to you as the customer to ask each specific company what their restrictions and rules are on shipping Nootropics to the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to sell Nootropics and certain other brain enhancement supplements, whereas in the United States, no such laws exist, although Nootropics have become a topic of heavy scrutiny in the eyes of certain business regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA,) and The Federal Trade Commission (FTC,) and not to mention other agencies like the DEA and certain members of Congress that are currently trying to take down the industry. For now however, Nootropics are legal in the United States to both use and sell, and while selling may come with heavy regulatory restrictions regarding the labeling, mis-branding and marketing and advertising materials used in order to push Nootropics for customers, it is as of now currently legal to sell in the United States.

FDA status of Adrafinil vs Aniracetam, How Does The FDA Look At Adrafinil and Aniracetam, and Are Both Supplements Considered High Risk for Sale or Personal Use?

The Food and Drug Administration has not regulated Adrafinil. Thus, it has not been submitted for, and neither has it been approved for any clinical uses by FDA. With this in mind, as neither Adrafinil nor Aniracetam is a scheduled drug in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration does not have any problems with the supplements, and they are in fact legal to import and take for personal usage. When selling these Nootropics is when the only real regulatory scrutiny may come into fruition, however as a personal user of Nootropics, importing them to your house of place of business for individual use, and not for retail sale, you should not run into any problems with the FDA or DEA seizing your parcel in the United States, as the products are legal to buy and sell there. Adrafinil vs Aniracetam regarding regulatory restrictions in the United Kingdom however is something of a different story, and in fact the drugs are illegal to both buy and sell there, with this in mind, it is entirely up to the consumer in question to weigh the risks and rewards of using Nootropics while in Europe, and to decide what sort of risks he or she is willing to take in the names of Smart Drugs and cognitive enhancement! Other countries with restrictions on purchasing, importing or selling Nootropics into the state include the following:
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Canada-Legal however occasionally seized at customs, so you may want to keep your order small.

United States-Order away you’re good to go

Australia-Adrafinil and Piracetam are both Schedule IV prescription drugs

United Kingdom and other parts of England-Illegal to import, buy or sell, use at your own risk.

And last but not least, the countries that may have problems importing the supplements based on past experience with customs, and not necessarily even legal regulations.









Mexico (Checkout Nootropics for the Nootropics that they ship there)


Aniracetam Capsules


And last but not least Sweden

If you are in one of these countries, know the potential downside risks and weight them heavily against the potential upside rewards before purchasing and importing Nootropics into your country. For more information, see our blog post here about importing Nootropics into China, India and other Foreign Countries, including those Nootropics like discussed in this Adrafinil vs Aniracetam debate.

Final Thoughts On The Adrafinil vs Aniracetam And Aniracetam vs Adrafinil Debate, Which Is The Better Smart Drug When Looking At All The Facts?

Adrafinil is an agent without a good reputation. If you need to take it, you must carefully weigh its benefits against its side effects. If you decide to use it, it is recommendable to consult your doctor on the usage. Also, you can research the testimonies of people who have used it, and you will have a clear understanding of Adrafinil before deciding on whether to use it or not. All in all, with regards to the Adrafinil vs Aniracetam and the Aniracetam vs Adrafinil debate, there is truly a clear winner for short term, hyper stimulated use (Adrafinil,) and there is another clear winner for the more consistent and safe, long term use, of which would be Adrafinil. As I said before in my previous blog post article on Phenylpiracetam vs Piracetam, a stimulant Nootropic like Adrafinil, while closely related to Racetam Nootropics, is going to be the impetuous older brother taking the high risk route to success in life, whereas the Aniracetam is much more like the cautious younger sibling, of whom takes into consideration each past failing of his elder siblings, works hard in school, and dedicates his life to success via the cautious route. Both methods get the job done, it is just up to the user in question of whether he or she wants to take the route full of ups and downs, or the safe, flat lining route. For more information on the Adrafinil vs Aniracetam debate, and a host of other similar and related Nootropics and Smart Drugs found on the web, be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of Nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and to comment down below with your thoughts and opinions on the article, and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response. Until next time, you heard it first right here at Nootropics





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