Adrafinil Reddit, Reviews, Regulations and Legal Status

//Adrafinil Reddit, Reviews, Regulations and Legal Status

Adrafinil Reddit, Reviews, Regulations and Legal Status

Adrafinil is a cognitive enhancement drug that promotes wakefulness and productivity, amongst other cognitive parameters. Adrafinil is a prodrug which metabolises to modafinil, leading to increased modafinil concentrations in the body and similar physiological effects. It is a synthetic nootropic compound, which means that its effects on the brain is the primary reason the supplement is taken. Adrafinil Reddit reviews are plentiful on the web, as most compare the drug to other Smart Drugs like Modafinil and Fladrafinil or Piracetam.






Adrafinil is a stimulant which fights lethargy, increasing alertness and attention. It also has recorded benefits in the areas of memory, productivity, concentration and speed of cognition. It has predominantly been used to treat patients with sleeping disorders such as narcolepsy, although it has also been used by the individuals who wish to avoid the effects of fatigue, such as night-shift workers and the elderly.



Adrafinil Reddit

Adrafinil increases energy, particularly mental energy, making it effective for treating individuals with mood disorders such as
anxiety and depression. Not only does Adrafinil promote a feeling of increased mental attentiveness, it is also helpful in restoring sleep patterns to normal.




It is a stimulant that is not known to raise the heart rate or elevate blood pressure, making it a preferred choice over other stimulants.




Dosage on Adrafinil Reddit Forums



It is recommended to start Adrafinil on a dosage of between 150-300mg per day, until any side effects have been observed and a tolerance has been built up. This recommendation is due to the concentrated nature of the drug and potential negative side effects, if the daily dosage is exceeded. Adrafinil has a standard dosage of between 600-1200mg, when treating individuals with serious sleep disorders such as narcolepsy. It is important to take Adrafinil on an empty stomach.



Side Effects on Adrafinil Reddit Forums



Most of the potential side effects of Adrafinil are also associated with those of Modafinil. The most noted side effects include headaches, nausea, diarrhoea, stomach pain or discomfort, anxiety, skin irritation or rashes, difficulty breathing and Stevens-Jonson syndrome.



Due to the fact that Adrafinil is metabolised to Modafinil in the liver, those with liver issues should avoid taking Adrafinil because of the increase of certain enzymes.



How to Use It Properly



Adrafinil should be taken in the morning, or no later than midday, so that sleep remains unaffected. The daily dosage should not be exceeded due to the side effects the supplement can cause. Anybody planning to begin using Adrafinil for any length of time should consult with a healthcare professional.

Long term use of Adrafinil is not recommended. It can, however, be taken in cycles (two weeks on, one week off etc) to stop the body building a tolerance to its effects.






One of the most significant dangers of Adrafinil use is its effect on the liver. Adrafinil raises liver enzymes and shows hepatoxicity if misused. The dangers of Adrafinil, however, are minute with low dosage.



Legal Status



Adrafinil is also known as Olmifon. It has an unscheduled legal status in the United States, and can be legally purchased there with no prescription. There are no restrictions on it, and therefore it can be used as a dietary supplement. Adrafinil was added by the World Anti-Doping Agency to the list of prohibited substances for athletic competition in 2004. It is considered a prescription medication in New Zealand, due to the potential risk of it being used as a party drug.


Final Thoughts on Adrafinil Reddit Reviews and Regulations



Adrafinil is a supplement that must be taken by an individual who is responsible and informed. When taken at the recommended dosage, Adrafinil is safe, although there are a number of known side effects. Adrafinil can be very beneficial to people who struggle with alertness. It is a supplement that has great benefits to the user, including increased productivity, cognitive speed and general wakefulness.



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