Adrafinil for Depression, Uses, Benefits and Online Amazon Shops

//Adrafinil for Depression, Uses, Benefits and Online Amazon Shops

Adrafinil for Depression, Uses, Benefits and Dosage

Adrafinil is one of the most popular cognitive enhancement drugs. It is also called Olmifon and is a Nootropic compound. This drug has cognitive benefits and acts as a stimulant. It was discovered in 1970’s by a French pharmaceutical company. It has since been discontinued by its current manufacturer. However, you can still get the generic Adrafinil power online. Adrafinil is often compared to other potent Smart Drugs like Fladrafinil and Phenylpiracetam. This article will go into detail on the use and power of Adrafinil for Depression.


Benefits of Adrafinil for Depression


Adrafinil can give you more energy, stamina, and attention. This supplement is thought to increase overall motivation, productivity, and drive. Some people also have a reduction of stress. Adrafinil also gives you cognitive benefits. It can improve your memory and learning capacity.


Dosage of Adrafinil for Depression


Adrafinil for DepressionThe recommended daily dosage is 150-300mg a day, this is especially true when using Adrafinil for the purposes of curbing depression.


Side Effects of Using Adrafinil for Depression


Some side effects of Adrafinil are headaches, nervousness, fatigue or intestinal issues. When high doses are taken, you can have increased blood pressure and heart issues. Liver problems can develop with long-term use and high doses as well.


How to Use Properly


Split your Adrafinil dosage up over 2 or 3 doses each day. Do not take it late at night or you can experience insomnia. It is best to start off with a lower dosage until you know how it will affect you. After you have observed the effects and built up a tolerance for Adrafinil you can look at increasing the dosage. You should not be using this drug daily.


Adrafinil powder is water soluble. To take you can mix it in juice or water or you can make your own capsules.




With long term use, there have been documented cases of liver problems. It has been known to increase certain enzymes which can cause liver damage.


Legal Status


Adrafinil is legal in the USA.


FDA Status


This in a non-prescription drug not controlled by the FDA.


Final Thoughts on using Adrafinil for Depression


Adrafinil can help you with your sleep issues. This drug is popular with people who work night shifts and for those studying for exams or completing large projects. If you are a healthy individual taking proper levels for short periods, the risk of side effects will be minimal.



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