Adderall XR Addiction and Long-Term Use Testimonial Reviews

//Adderall XR Addiction and Long-Term Use Testimonial Reviews

Adderall XR Addiction and Long-Term Use Testimonial Reviews

The following blog post about Adderall XR Addiction long-term, and the extreme dangers that it can have on users, is both a warning blog post and an onlne review of an upcoming memoir about someone’s Adderall use and the side effects they got from it. Heed warning to this blog post,and be sure to always be on your guard if you see anyone acting strange in the face of prescription drug abuse.\
How Long Does Adderall Last

Adderall XR Addiction Long-Term Dangers

After ten minutes of putting pressure on both my kidney and chest areas, I returned to class, zipped up my jacket, ensuring every inch of skin on my body was covered to help with my growing drug induced OCD and anxiety, and took my seat. I tried to go through the rest of the day like the amazing, stellar student I always was, but found myself too nervous, even on the increased dosage, to just raise my hand and say a sentence. An immense paranoia would come over me that people would know I was on drugs, or that the teacher would call security on me because my eyes Adderall XR Addiction Long Termwere dilated or I was talking too fast for anyone else to understand. I realized that my prolonged usage of the drug was changing me, and I hoped it wasn’t permanent, and that I wasn’t on this drug until I was twenty-five or until I was a grown man with children.

Adderall XR Addiction Long-Term Overdose

Be that as it may, with my growing tolerance and near psychotic approach towards my obsession with the drug, after nearly a month straight of constant use and abuse, my dwindling supply of prescription amphetamines was only a handful short of empty. Two pills no longer provided that unprecedented euphoria and ability to do anything I desired. I needed to really start upping the dosage to get an effect, and at the moment I was running out of product, and out of options.
How Long Does Adderall Last

Adderall XR Addiction Long-Term Exteme Addiction Dangers

I crashed until the next morning, going to school sober for the first time in almost two months. I felt like I was going to throw up, and my appetite was still entirely gone, despite barely eating for a prolonged period of time. I wished I had never started, my brain was foggy, my body was deteriorating faster than I could stop it, and I began to feel the onset, and the ongoing aches and pains of another rhino virus. Fever came on, along with depression, before finally being hit with a bloody nose in the middle of second period. I wiped it on my jacket sleeve and tried to sleep off the pain, awaking just before the bell rang for lunch in the middle of third period.

Final Thoughts on the Major Adderall XR Long-Term Addiction Dangers

I dragged myself down each and every stair, noticeably not feeling well. I didn’t want to see anyone; I didn’t want to say a word at lunch. I sat at Jessica’s table, the only one I could find with an open seat, and rather than greeting her and making conversation, I put my head down, and slept once again. Nearly forty minutes passed before I awoke, lunch was over, and I could tell my new friends were becoming extremely worried about me. Usually I was extremely talkative, joked around, and made no sense except to myself. I hoped I wouldn’t be questioned of my over passive actions tomorrow, and that my table would just chalk it up as me being sick. I walked away from the table, my heart pumping with a minor adrenaline as soon as the shock of the school bell ringing breached my ears, and turned my back without so much as a goodbye before continuing on with the rest of my day as I had the former.



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