Adderall Tweaking Dangers, Withdrawal, Overdose Signs and Addiction

//Adderall Tweaking Dangers, Withdrawal, Overdose Signs and Addiction

Adderall Tweaking Concerns, Benefits and Dosages

This blog post is really a promotion for the site and one of my previous memoirs, enjoy! Also don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00! It will however, also go over the Adderall tweaking difficulties that many users feel they have whilst using the drug Adderall for a long-term and regular basis. Good nootropic alternatives are Piracetam, Aniracetam and Adrafinil. Adderall tweaking problems should never be taken lightly, so always do your own research and trials before starting any drug, supplement or nootropic regiment.
How Long Does Adderall Last
Always take off-days when taking Adderall, and never mix drugs, prescription or otherwise, in any fashion, as harsh side effects can and most likely will occur. For more information on Adderall, alternatives to Adderall and its dangers, checkout the categories on the right hand side for over 15 articles related to Adderall that all deal with the same issue.

Adderall Tweaking Dangers

The next several days progressed in much the same manner, taking two pills a day, then another piece of a pill to help lessen the crash, and by Friday, I was down to my last sixty milligrams. I swallowed them both that morning and worried throughout the entire day about my doctor’s appointment. Was this really it? Would I ever get my hands on the Holy Grail, a prescription for Adderall, and one that would stay with me for the rest of my life? I constantly rehearsed what I was going to say, and with as much confidence and euphoria as I sported from the drug, the anxiety continued to build as the school day began to draw to a close, until it was nearly past my breaking point. I was ready, fully equipped, and more that comfortable with what I was going to say.
How Long Does Adderall Last
I arrived home that day, and began to get nagged by my friendto get in the car. The drive to the doctor’s office, the time spent in the waiting room, and even the time spent in the doctor’s office waiting for the nurse to take my blood pressure, had led me to this moment. He walked through the door, and I could tell by the tone of this voice that something good was going to happen, something that would change the way I viewed learning and my life in high school forever

“Alright let’s try this again” he said. I laughed, trying to seem like I cared about his ridiculous puns, while concealing how nervous I really was at the same time. “So what seems to be the problem” he asked. “Well” I said, before my friend interrupted me (quite similar to our last appointment) “the Focalin isn’t doing much, and I think we need a change” she said. With the high dosage of Adderall I was currently on, I had no tolerance for ignorant people, and especially not for my friend at this point, considering the doctor shot her a look of confusion after her brief statement.

How Long Does Adderall Last

Adderall Tweaking Long-Term Problems

“Dr.” I soon interrupted, “what my friend means is that the Focalin has had some strange side effects on me, and I Adderall Tweakingget chills when I’m on it, and feel nervous. Sometimes it’s impossible for me to, get enthused about things too.” He stared at me, as if wanting clarification by what not enthused meant. “Sometimes not even enthused about girls, sometimes it just doesn’t work.” He laughed as if he knew exactly what I meant “I see, well these are some pretty bad side effects, so I definitely think a change is in order.”
How Long Does Adderall Last

Adderall Tweaking Extreme Risks

I could see in his face that he was sincere, as he fumbled with extra gadgets on his computer, glancing at me one last time before approaching me “open wide and say ahh” he said, shining a light down my throat before proceeding to grab his stethoscope, placing it on my heart and beginning to change spots on my torso. I could feel my heart beat pumping out of my chest, hoping, pleading that the doctor wouldn’t notice that I had an extremely aggravated and increased heart rate. My legs started shaking as he pulled the cold metal piece off my chest, only serving as a brief pause before my friend jumped in again “we think at this point the Adderall is the best option” she said.

Final Thoughts on Adderall Tweaking Problems

“Yes, we were wondering if we could do a trial with it for say, two weeks” I added. The doctor seemed totally convinced, and nearly a minute later, after describing side effects, and cracking a sly joke about ADHD, he had written out a script for 25mg of Adderall a day. I tried to resist the laughter and the excitement, but after a short burst of energy centered around my chest as I leaned back to stretch, I began to run my mouth obsessively. We didn’t finally leave the office for another ten minutes, as I tried not to let my euphoria overcome my will to get out of the office with the script. I had finally succeeded, after months of struggle and preparation; I had finally succeeded with what I started, achieved motivation, and an outlet for success.

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