Adderall Nightmares, Why Do I have Bad Dreams When I take Adderall?

//Adderall Nightmares, Why Do I have Bad Dreams When I take Adderall?

Adderall Nightmares, Why Do I Have Bad Dreams When I Take Adderall?

Adderall nightmares are actually incredibly common among users who take Adderall on a regular, long-term basis. They occur because Adderall causes the neurotransmitters in your brain to go haywired in a way. The following is a testimonial of exactly what happened in someone’s memoir about a person’s struggle with Adderall use. After what was now over a full two weeks sober, my brain fog finally began to lift and some clarity began to return in its place. I could finally take a Spanish test, read a book, or give a speech sober. With AP exams just around the corner however, my grades had dropped from high A’s to mid range B’s, and I wasn’t happy with it considering what I had gone through. My next Spanish class however, I finally caught a break. After scoring a zero on a test, from usually being the ace of the class, my new Spanish teacher figured something must’ve been wrong, however thankfully didn’t push the issue of what exactly was wrong. Subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars!
“Potter, this isn’t you” she said. “You’re going to retake this, I mean; I didn’t know what I was reading. Your short responses didn’t have a word of Spanish in them.” I laughed that I was actually being given another chance at an A “Mrs. Worm, you were reading a 104 fever and a really bad case of food poisoning.” I retook the test, and my zero was replaced with a B+, moving my grade to an A for the semester. The rest of the day astonished me of how bad and noticeable my drug withdrawal had been, with my physics teacher commenting that I was looking stronger, and my English teacher saying I looked healthy as I passed by her in the hallway.
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Adderall Nightmares and Why They Occur

After the string of good fortune however, it was just one weekend until AP exams, and there was no way I was going to make it through a long, treacherous, two hour exam without a stimulant fueling my brain. Adderall would’ve been my first guess, and I figured a few lines could at least get me through most of the test without stopping to think about how bad my head hurt, or how tired I was from the essays being so long and treacherous. However, stimulants other than Adderall were used at this exam, and at my current, still weak state of sobriety, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to handle myself around them. “Petere you want a line” James asked as soon as I passed by him. “No dude, I’m good, I’ve got my own. Haven’t taken it in like two weeks or so and I’ve got plenty stocked up at home to pick from” he immediately started to laugh.

“Not of Adderall Peter, not of Adderall.” My eyes lit up in surprise “line of what then?” James took a deep breath, saying in excitement “wow!” We both started to laugh, and I could tell by the sound of his voice that he wasn’t kidding.”How did you get wow” I asked with a shocked smile. “This kid on my bus, I’m gonna do it for AP exams. Getting plenty of sleep can absolutely help with Adderall Nightmares.

Adderall NightmaresWhy Are Adderall Nightmares So Nasty

So I’ll ask again now that you seem enthused, you want a line?” My legs began to bounce up and down in excitement. Yes, yes, yes!  Screamed my brain, take the dollar bill and snort the entire bag right now! I stopped and thought for a moment about the possible crash and the recurrence of stimulant withdrawal symptoms “no thanks” I said “I think I’m just going to do a little bump of Addy before the exam” I had to stop and grit my teeth at the immense opportunity for euphoria I was giving up. “Yeah, just that,” I said “and definitely not wow.”

“Come on, you know you want it” Peter replied to my decision of trying to get clean “I know I do!” I said with an immense amount of excitement in my voice “but no, it’s just too much. I feel bad that I even have to do Adderall for the exam but I’m going to end up with a low score otherwise. I’ve been studying for AP Psychology all year on Adderall, so I definitely need it for the exam.”

Long-Term Dangers of Adderall Nightmares

He laughed “I gotcha Potter, study high, test high” Peter added. “Pretty much” I replied, before walking away at the sound of the lunch bell. I wondered what I had gotten myself into, and why, with me just now finally taking some steps towards sobriety, I was hanging out with kids that were taking wow for the AP exams. I knew my friends had been junkies and stoners, but this was something even I had never expected. Adderall nightmares are really just bad dreams that occur from Adderall withdrawal.

Despite my push for total sobriety however, for the rest of the day, I practically cursed myself for not saying yes to the wow, and wished I would’ve taken the risk. I told myself I would probably do the wow just once, but all my thoughts came back to the one idea of saying the same thing with Adderall. I sat back and looked at how far I had come. I told myself before I had taken the Adderall; I would just take it for the SAT. I looked at where I was now, having taken Adderall hundreds of times, overdosing, and even obtaining a script for it.

Adderall Nightmares and Why They Can be Good and Bad

Now, after all I had gone through, I was being introduced to wow, a drug that truly did destroy people’s lives. I was both happy, and upset that I had turned down the wow, and decided to relax and sleep for a few days rather than cram all night for exams.
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The morning of the exam came sooner than hoped for however, as the weekend seemed to fly by. Pill in hand, classes until ten in the morning; I trotted downstairs to our testing lunch period. I went into the bathroom, passing Petere on my way there “you about to do your final study session” he asked. “Yep” was all I replied. “Me too, let’s do it” he said. I locked myself in the stall, and positioned three, thick, perfect lines over the sink, alongside Peter, who did much the same in the opposing handicap stall, only to substitute Adderall for wow.

Adderall Nightmares

Plugging up one nostril, I dug my nose into the white and yellowish powder, and in three swift breaths, the entire pill was gone-just like that. I jumped up, and almost wanted to punch the stall door in excitement, while at the same time, I heard Peter scream, and kick the stall door, running back and forth “woohoo!” I heard, as the door was flung open and he was gone in a flash.

I walked out of the bathroom; eyes slightly dilated and mind clear, meeting up with Peter right by our regular lunch spot. “Dude, this stuff is incredible” I noticed by his irregular fidgeting, and extremely noticeable twitches that he was definitely on something incredibly stronger than Adderall. I was glad I hadn’t decided to partake in it, and had decided to at least somewhat maintain the mindset of someone seeking total sobriety. Several seconds later however, as I conversed with a coked up Peter, trying to maintain my own slightly tweaked out mind, a short sophomore who went by the name of Marco approached us.

“Do either of you guys have an Adderall; I’m going to fail my exam with that stuff. I’ll give you $20 if you have one pill on you.” I wished I would’ve brought an extra pill with me, but had always told myself that I would never sell, that I would never become an idiot Adderall dealer. “No, sorry, just used my last one” I said to Marco. At that moment however, something was instilled in my mind, and it was the exact extracurricular activity I was going to do for my senior year of high school, I just didn’t know it yet.

Adderall Nightmares and The Long-Term Psychological Side Effects That They Can Pose

The bell soon rang, and I walked to my test room, much of the ensuing drama having ended. The test was passed out, and I soon realized it didn’t seem to fly like other exams. The entertaining portion of Adderall was something that I was now immune to, and although I had an immense amount of energy, and a decent amount of euphoria, I wanted to do something more entertaining than take an AP exam for three hours. I wanted to talk to someone, learn something, and write down something, something that was productive or cultural. Nevertheless, I managed to get cracking on the exam, and managed to finish in a short time. Adderall nightmares do frequently occur in users.

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The 100 multiple choice questions seemed relatively easy, and I even finished twenty minutes early. I noticed I was the first one done with the multiple choice portion of the test, and I almost had a panic attack at the idea, and at facing the fact that I had nothing to do for twenty minutes. My skinny legs bounced up and down, and the kidney pain began to return. My breathing rate increased, and my shaking legs were now almost entirely out of control, and not something I just felt like doing as a result of my increased energy. By the end of the twenty minutes, I wished I could just turn it off. The beginning euphoria was now gone, and I was just left in a tweaked out state with hardly any motivation to actually do something productive.

Final Thoughts on the Long-Term Dangers of Adderall Nightmares

No Adderall was in my possession that I could just snort or swallow, and for the essay portion of the test, I was going to have to get by with just focus, and not extreme mania. When all was said and done however, I had managed to push myself through the essay, and actually felt quite confident in my score. When I got home however, the comedown was beginning, and I was almost upset with myself that I had ingested Adderall. I truly wanted to quit; I didn’t want to be a tweaker anymore, and I no longer saw myself as a skinny speed freak that ended up with a high GPA as a result of a fluke, in acquiring an ADHD drug that made me incredibly smart. I was smart, and I realized that the constant cycle of getting high and crashing was actually hindering how smart I could really be, and how much potential I could have in my life.

I arrived home and slept off the rest of the effects of the drug, and woke up again feeling slightly ill, only this time with experience. With a complete realization that I was going to ruin, and put a strain on my life if I continued to use, it just wasn’t worth it, and I didn’t need it to be successful. I had something better, and something much more profitable in mind for how I could use Adderall to the fullest. Something that was safer for my health, and something that would give me more confidence than just taking Adderall ever could. Adderall is very dangerous and should never be used without a legitamate doctor’s prescription, always keep a low dosage and take frequent breaks.



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