Adderall Insufflation, Dangers, Overdose and Addiction Risks

//Adderall Insufflation, Dangers, Overdose and Addiction Risks

Adderall Insufflation, Dangers, Overdose and Addiction Risks Long-Term

Adderall insufflation is very addictive and dangerous and it will serve as the subject of this article for the purpose of educating about addiction. “That’s why I’m not refilling your script Potter, your body weight is just getting too low, and frankly I think you’re turning anorexic.” I almost started to cry “dude please no, I need this, to concentrate, to do better in school. Don’t you want me to go to college?” “I don’t care about college right now Potter, what I care about is your health, and about losing my son to some drug addiction; That’s right Potter, a drug addiction.”

Suddenly I was awoken by the sound of a horribly shrieking alarm clock and a pain centered on my gut. The amphetamine withdrawal induced dreams were becoming too much for me to handle. I wanted to get out of it, and with the onset of another flu, I wanted this entire charade to be over. “No more drugs. Why did I even take that first pill?” Were the only questions that accompanied my thoughts, day and night. My dreams became more vivid, my pajamas soaked every morning with the cold sweat of fear and a 104 degree fever that I had to push through on a daily basis, and had to hide from my parents in a desperate attempt to keep my secret alive.
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Adderall InsufflationAdderall Insufflation Benefits Long-Term

It was no way to live, and it was no life worth living. My mind constantly contemplated trade-offs throughout the day. What would happen if I told my parents I needed rehab, what would happen if I ended up at a community college? “No” my mind seemed to tell me whenever the thoughts would come up I’ve come too far now to blow this thing, too far to end up living with my parents until I’m 21. I must’ve really missed something before I had started that had chronically put my life at a sort of rock bottom.

Adderall Insufflation Overdose Risks

Was it making fun of the girl I had obsessed over for much of the year on that one sped up lunch period, was it yelling at my parents while awake for two days straight, or was it the constant lying that was draining away whatever energy the amphetamines didn’t burn up. The drugs had destroyed my will to live, and I wanted my life back. I tried to set up a plan, something to live just normal again, but in the end, it always led to the recurrence of more drug use. I was ashamed of myself, but at the same time realized that I had things to do, and only my usual way of thinking could get me through them.

Adderall Insufflation Benefits Overall

And with that dream, my tolerance break was over. With it however, came the end of the drug withdrawal addled Adderall Insufflationdreams, and as well the recurrence of some unpleasant side effects, that had enabled me with my desire to quit the drug. Two pills no longer gave the magic, and three almost gave the euphoria I desired, only with a noticeable twitch (something that made talking to girls all the more laborious), and rapid speech that was becoming hard to keep under control. The week passed, and I struggled to get high, let alone maintain. Adderall insufflation is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted by users of Adderall.

Soon the routine became just that, rote, and even boring. The maximum interest level that Adderall gave me in everything had now been replaced with a constant state of dysphoria, and a downpour on my horrid life. Another day, another pill, or another three, in a matter of ten days I had eaten up more than half of my prescription, and my amplified brain struggled to muster up a solution.

It was then that the memories began to come back, and it all became clear. I thought back to Eric, my first time on Adderall, and why I had even taken the drug. What purpose could it possibly serve in my life-how good would it really be for me if I had one good luck GPA as a result of a stimulant drug, but failed out in the final quarter because of a massive drug tolerance? “Jonothan” my mind told me. A big part of my motivation for obtaining the drug, and in some cases even an influence to continue with it in the beginning, how did he do it? I thought to myself, how did he maintain without losing his mind, and do so without throwing his entire high school career? Adderll Insufflation is extremely dangerous and risky.

Adderall Insufflation Risks on the Nasal Cavities

I immediately reached for my phone and sent out a text message “I need your help dude. How can I lower the dose of this thing and still get high. How do you do it really?” Moments later I was granted a response “tried snorting it yet?” The thought hit me, that’s how he was doing it, and that’s how he maintained. Insufflating was stronger, yet the dose was lower, so the side effects weren’t warranted to such extremities. “Thanks” I replied, before shutting my phone off and grabbing one pill from my prescription cabinet.

I dashed to my room, and knew exactly what I was doing. On the verge of a nasty withdrawal from 75 milligrams a day, I walked to the kitchen and grabbed supplies before emptying out my pockets. A spoon, a playing card, and a plastic bag, that was all I needed. I opened the pill capsule, and sprinkled the beads into the bag. Spoon in hand; I began to place pressure over the beads, crushing them until they were a thin white powder, resembling a type of substance. The bag was emptied onto the desk, and, grabbing the playing card to draw out lines, my heart began to race, and I heavily pondered the possibilities, the possibility of euphoria, the possibility of being a super genius again, not just a straight A student, but a type of intellectual gift to the world.
How Long Does Adderall Last
Taking a deep breath, I backed away from the powder, rolled up a one dollar bill, plugged one nostril, leaned over the powder, and finally inhaled. After the first line, I felt not much difference, like I was just slightly more awake. Again, another line, and finally the last one, until over a pill and half was snorted. “Wow!” I practically screamed, as my mind focused only on the drug and its effects, rather than visualizing what I was going to do for the entire day like when I ingested the pills orally. I understood the true rush, the reason why addicts keep coming back, and keep doing almost anything to get the drug.

Adderall Insufflation Long-Term Dangers

The withdrawal symptoms immediately dissipated, and after a short time spent finishing up homework, the comedown began again. Snorting was great, and provided an efficient energy boost, however, as I’ve learned through my addiction, with the amazing up, the come down always follows. The high was short lived, and the crash was debilitating. I pulled up my bed sheets and slept off the comedown, waking up in a complete daze, unable to even get out of bed. My only motivation was the lines, and my love affair with snorting. I wanted it, I needed it, and I had finally found a real way to get it, the true way Adderall was supposed to be abused, and always how and why it was abused. I now realized I had more serious of a drug problem than I had given myself credit for. I didn’t care, all I cared about was getting high, and voiding off the horrid crash at the end of the tunnel.



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