Adderall Food Problems and Appetite Suppressant Qualities

//Adderall Food Problems and Appetite Suppressant Qualities

Adderall Food Problems and Appetite Suppressant Qualities

Now, quite frankly this blog post is just basically an excerpt from my upcoming book, for more articles on Adderall, check the categories over on the bottom left. With this in mind, the book will give you some very insightful information with regards to what Adderall and the problems Adderall can cause, may look like. Adderall food problems are very common among users, so you must always be sure to eat whilst taking this drug. Don’t forget to subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00!
How Long Does Adderall Last

The Book, Adderall Food Problems and My Own Story

I slept the car ride home, exhausted from the minor withdrawals I underwent from my lowered dosage, and almost was in shock that neither my mother, nor the doctor saw any suspicion that I had magically found it important to seek out ADHD medication. Instead however, my mother supported me, nearly praising me in that I was smart enough to get my “ADD” treated, and not end up distracted and silly all the time like she had seen in the pediatrician at the appointment. “I’m going to run over to the pharmacy and see if your prescriptions ready alright?” She said“yeah” I replied, with a glimmer of extreme happiness and excitement in my voice.

Adderall Food Dangers on Excessive Weight Loss

I went inside the house as she drove away, unknowingly filling up a bottle of something that would hopefully get me higher and more euphoric than she could ever imagine. I rushed to the bathroom, splashed water on my face, and looked myself in the mirror, wondering how anyone with a valid license to practice pediatric care could overlook as obvious of a junkie as I was. 129 pounds soaking wet and bloated, extremely long, greasy hair coupled with a hooded jacket that never seemed to come off even in the hot south Florida sun, and he wrote me a script for a powerfully addictive drug. It was hilarious to me how easy it was to fake, and how the hardest part was getting past my parents and convincing them to get me an appointment.

How Long Does Adderall Last

Adderall Food Problems

Nearly an hour later, my mother returned with a bottle of green pills labeled “Ritalin XR, 25mg, take once daily.” She began to read aloud the side effects, and I could tell she was staring to worry that this was a bad idea. “Well there goes our plan” she said, after getting to the end of the list. “Why’s that?” I asked. “It says one of the side effects is dilated eyes” she said. “I’m guessing your friend will probably notice that. Why don’t we just tell him the truth and hope he doesn’t throw another fit.” Almost in unison with my mother’s worried sentence, minutes later the combination was typed into our electronic lock, and the door opened.

Adderall Food“Well, what did the doctor say?” Asked my father in a stressed out and unhappy voice as he turned the corner fully and leaned on the counter. “He told me to take one of these every morning with food” I said, tossing my father the bottle and trying to stand my ground as I had done before, following in my mother’s passive footsteps. I quickly turned the corner and popped my head out of my bedroom, watching in excitement to see my friends aggravated reaction. He seemed almost apathetic towards the entire situation, as if he almost had accepted that he wasn’t going to have any sway in the vote as to who takes what medication. It was still almost surreal to me that my friend had guessed exactly what was going on, yet I had managed to fool my mother, and a licensed doctor. My mother walked out of her room and I could hear bits and pieces from my room about the conversation, as I lay in a partial slumber, still undergoing minor withdrawal from my rapidly increasing tolerance to the Adderall.

Adderall Food Benefits for Overall Weight Loss

I awoke nearly twelve hours later in a daze, and of what was finally the weekend. “Bradley here” my mother said “take your ADHD medication.” I grabbed the pill from her hand and swallowed it, both without water or a second thought, something I was now used to doing on quite a regular basis. I could get used to this, I thought to myself, laughing as I had managed to manipulate my mother into spoon feeding me powerful prescription drugs every morning. My mother left the room, and I fell back asleep, waiting for some kind of a euphoric sensation to come on. It never did, however I did notice a significant difference and improvement in both my visuals, as well as my sense of hearing and ability to be social. It didn’t seem to have that speedy rush I had grown to love in Adderall, but I soon realized as I began to casually surf the internet of facts, that the mental effects were going to be enough to at least hold me over until I could get more Adderall.
How Long Does Adderall Last
I soon realized why it was a different sensation than Adderall, and why it was much, much weaker. Ritalin was comprised of dexmethylphenindate, whereas Adderall was made of dextroamphetamine, similar, but nonetheless much weaker. I wasn’t done, not even close, for now it seemed however, that the Ritalin would keep my GPA up. As much as I justified my drug addiction by telling myself that it made me smarter and gave me better grades, I was hooked on the euphoria and confidence of the drug, and my mind hungered to taste the almost invincible high once again.


Hope you enjoyed the chapter excerpt, Adderall food problems are very common, especially among regular users, subscribe for a free sample of nootropics worth over $50.00, and for weekly newsletter updates on all things nootropics and Smart Drugs!



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