Adderall and Sex and Sex on Adderall, Is Porn, Masturbation, Erections and Orgasm Better with Adderall?

//Adderall and Sex and Sex on Adderall, Is Porn, Masturbation, Erections and Orgasm Better with Adderall?

Adderall and Sex, Why Sex on Adderall, Porn, Masturbation, Erections and Orgasms are better with the Adderall Dopamine Boost!

Adderall and sex is a very under-advertised topic on the web generally speaking, however a simple Google of something like Adderall and porn, Adderall and masturbation, or Adderall and increased sex drive will bring up literally thousands of searches. Forum reviews and user testimonials are plentiful with this tabooed topic, and in today’s blog post, we’ll look at the pro’s and cons of having sex on Adderall, we’ll talk about what porn is like when taking Adderall, and we’ll talk about dopamine, why Adderall increases your sex drive, and why orgasms may be harder to achieve yet feel much better with Adderall. Subscribe for more information plus a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars, and comment down below with your thoughts and ideas on the article and we’ll get back to you within one business day with a response, enjoy the article!
How Long Does Adderall Last
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How Long Does Adderall Last
and a host of other related Smart Drug blogs. Subscribe for more details. Generally speaking, I would highly recommend sex and Adderall, masturbation on Adderall, and just plain having sex on Adderall, as it can make for a truly enhanced experience for both partners!

Why Adderall and Sex work so Well Together…for Some People

Okay, so let’s get down to it. Adderall and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly, like man and woman, and like steroids and weight lifting. Have you ever taken an Adderall and thought about sex, or had sex on Adderall, or started watching Pornography on Adderall? I think it might be quite literally the best thing that exists in the entire world, but it can also lead you down a slippery slope. Let’s look at why Adderall and sex blend together so well, and why masturbation and porn feel so good on Adderall. When you take an Adderall pill, it floods your brain with huge quantities of dopamine, makes you focus super hard on whatever it is exactly that you’re doing, and makes everything feel interesting and good, you feel so alive and energetic. The improved energy can make Adderall and sex quite euphoric for some people, and a long drag for others, it mainly depends on an individuals mindset and impressions.

The reason why this is good and bad regarding porn, sex, and masturbation, is that when you transfer your enhanced Adderall focus from something like doing math problems, to watching pornography videos for 5 hours, your brain is already hugely flooded with dopamine, and watching porn floods your brain with even more HUGE amounts of dopamine by literally hacking into your natural sexual instincts which want to populate the earth, leading to a truly massive flood of dopamine to fill up your brain, and thus resulting in huge amounts of EUPHORIA. My advice for users that are taking Adderall, if you haven’t already had sex on Adderall or watched porn while taking it…just one time, one of the days that you take the drug. It’s truly a life changing feeling (maybe not that much), and it feels incredibly amazing. However, after that, don’t do it anymore if you want Adderall to be effective, and I’ll explain why.

When you take Adderall, your brain is flooded with dopamine, giving you a manic high and a crazy amount of energy to cut through all of your work. When you masturbate or have sex while you’re on Adderall, your brain gets filled with oxytocin, which represses your desire for action and creativity, and makes you feel satisfied and that you’re in a sense “done.” When you store and bottle up this repressed sexual energy, you perform sexual transmutation and literally “transmute” your sexual energy into physical and mental energy, creative juices, and increased intelligence, which combined with Adderall will literally turn you into an unstoppable machine. When you have an orgasm however, it supresses dopamine, and while you’ll still have increased energy from the Adderall, it isn’t quite as “cut-through”, as as it would be if you hadn’t had an orgasm.

There is quite a bit of research on the link between Adderall and enhanced brain function, as well as further improved sex drive. Adderall and sex is very widely talked about online, so feel free to comment down below with your experiences with this topic. You can read up on this at the following links:
How Long Does Adderall Last

Why does Sex on Adderall feel so Good?

As said in the former, sex feels heavenly on Adderall (for some people this is the case and it makes them incredibly horny, for others it simply kills their sex drive and allows them to focus..lucky bastards) because of the increase of dopamine in the brain. If you’re someone that has ADHD, ADD, Depression or a host of other related issues, and suddenly you take an amphetamine that jacks up your dopamine levels making you euphoric and happy, your sex drive is going to increase as a result. This occurs for two reasons, your bad mood is no longer stunting your sex drive, and the euphoria is enhancing your sex drive.

My advice to those that think that Adderall and sex, or having extreme amounts of sex on Adderall, or watching porn on Adderall is having an effect on their performance is to instantly focus on the job, task, work or book at hand during the first hour when Adderall kicks in, rather than thinking about sex. I’ve found in my own personal experience with Adderall that once I start thinking about sex (heck this happens even without Adderall sometimes) that it is a very slippery slope, and that it gets difficult to stop.

Adderall and Sex, and The Link that Dopamine Creates

Why does increased dopamine make Adderall and sex so much better, and why does Adderall typically increase a users sex drive? As an amphetamine, by providing users with extreme amounts of amphetamine and euphoria, the brain begins to like being what is essentially “baithed in dopamine,” and often times this feeling can turn addictive, causing the user to want more and more dopamine in the brain. This can cause users to do or seek out things in an excessive manner and can span from an increased Adderall sex drive, to a craving for sugar, to playing video games or watching Youtube videos/reading Wikipedia articles excessively. The stronger your tolerance gets to Adderall, the more effectively you’ll be able to keep you sex drive at bay and channel your entire focus into your work, until then..happy humping!

While we’re on the topic of Adderall as a brain enhancement drug, I would be remiss if I did not mention that Adderall is frequently stacked with nootropic users with a plethora of powerful Smart Drugs. The gist of which includes:

Piracetam-The original nootropic and the first Smart Drug ever founded, it was developed by a Russian scientist in the early 1960’s, and as such has over a half-century of effective research on it. Has spawned the development of dozens of related nootropics since its inception.

Aniracetam-Five times more powerful than Piracetam and with an added anti-anxiety benefit that Piracetam lacks.

Oxiracetam-Fifteen times stronger than Piracetam and called the speedy racetam for how it influences dopamine in the brain, leading to an increased mood, memory, focus, and better energy levels.

Pramiracetam-Thirty times more powerful than Piracetam and the most powerful natural racetam on the market. Pramiracetam helps users to improve mood, memory and focus in a way that generally no other Racetam can.
How Long Does Adderall Last
Phenylpiracetam-The real most powerful nootropic drug on the market. Phenylpiracetam is forty times stronger than Piracetam and influences dopamine in a way that Piracetam does not. Frequently taken by athletes for its physical stimulating effects.

Noopept-1000 times stronger than Piracetam on a dosage by dosage basis. Powerful effects on memory and visuals, and is typically taken in dosages of 10-20 milligrams per day.

CDP Choline-A potent form of choline and the most popular form currently on the market, though not the most powerful by a long shot.

Alpha GPC Choline-The most powerful form of choline available.

Alpha Brain-Popular brain drug supplement built on primarily Alpha GPC Choline. Developed by Onnit labs and contains a blend of over thirteen different Smart Drug ingredients.

Uridine Monophosphate-A slightly weaker but extended release form of the drug CDP Choline, meaning that the drug lasts much longer.

The Ciltep Nootropic Stack-Contains forskolin and artichoke extract, and that is hugely popular on the online market. The combination is said to resemble effects related to that of Modafinil, though in my personal opinion on the matter it is not nearly as potent.Adderall and Sex, Why Does Adderall Make Me So Horny?

Centrophenoxine-A unique form of CDP Choline with an added DMAE molecule blended into its mix.

Ashwagandha-Adaptogen effective at relieving stress and lowering anxiety levels in users.

Gynostemma-The most powerful adaptogen currently on the market.

Rhodiola Rosea 3% Salidroside-Twice as powerful as Ashwagandha and generally more euphoric than Gynostemma.

And a host of other related Smart Drugs on the web. Subscribe for a free sample plus more information week by week sent straight to your email in perpetuity!

Why can’t I get an Erection on Adderall?

This is the opposite of users getting super horny on Adderall and having the insatiable craving for lust and sexual contact that some users brag and rave about. Some people, myself included at times, when they take Adderall, simply cannot get it up for the life of them. The reason for this is either your dosage of Adderall is way too high, or you simply respond to Adderall and amphetamines this way (the second one is more likely, even when high dosages were taken, my sex drive actually got stronger..much….much stronger.) I know some people that react this way, and others that say that whenever they take Adderall to write their paper for school they wind up masturbating for four hours instead of working on their paper, and then they’re so exhausted from all the Adderalled out masturbation that once they’re done they don’t want to write their paper. And you thought my blog post image was a joke!

Why does Adderall Make me Incredibly Horny? (men and women)

Adderall can make some users have an insatiable desire for sex or masturbation, I’ve met people in this category and to be totally honest this is much more up my alleyway. If I take Adderall I literally cannot and will not focus on my work until I’ve had sex, or some type of orgasm. I’ve been in the library cramming for final exams, and if a hot girl walks by, unless I ignore her and get back to my work right away, it’s a slippery slope. For a few minutes you’re thinking about sex, or how good the sex was with your ex-girlfriend, and then next thing you know you absolutely cannot get it off your mind and you’re stuck in the loop of insatiable horniness. Sometimes urination can relieve this…though not always entirely, and your only remaining option is to go home and relieve yourself just so you can get back and get some damn work done. End Rant.

Why does Adderall Make Me Last Longer in Bed During Sex?

As stated in the former, when you take Adderall, it forces all the blood to your brain, and away from, well….you know. This is why in some people it completely kills your sex drive. In my experience however, as soon as you start thinking about sex, the increased dopamine makes you fixated on it until you’re…well done.
How Long Does Adderall Last
With regards to lasting longer in bed with your partner, because Adderall removes blood flow from the genital areas in both sexes, it will take you much much longer in order to have an orgasm during sex. However, speaking from experience here again (this is definitely the most I’ve ever blogged about my sexual habits online haha), when you finally do orgasm, since you’ve been edging up to the point of climax for so much longer, that and because your dopamine levels are already skyrocketed, the orgasm is way, way better. However, I’ve found that because of the release of oxytocin after you have sex that represses dopamine, that orgasm kills a lot of your Adderall buzz. For me it’s gotten to the point that using my sex drive might actually make me more productive than taking Adderall and just spanking it so that I can get my mind off of something as primitive as intercourse.

Why can’t I achieve Orgasm When Using Adderall?

Once again and as stated in the former, since Adderall removes blood flow from the genital reasons, it can make it incredibly difficult to achieve an orgasm for some individuals. However it can also make some get off faster, since you get so much more focused on sex when you begin thinking about sex while on Adderall, it can be much more euphoric and thus expedient to its conclusion…if ya catch my drift here;)

The Orgasm in Women and How Adderall Affects It

In my experience Adderall generally makes it easier for women to have an orgasm and harder for men to have an orgasm, which if your partner is the type of lady that can have multiples…can make for a pretty awesome night if both partners are on Adderall. Why exactly this happens specifically due to brain chemicals is up for debate, but I know that this is something of the norm not just with Adderall, but also with other ADHD psychostimulant medications, and even related recreational stimulants and amphetamines. Adderall and sex can make intercourse great, but always be sure to maintain a safe dosage when doing this and to only take Adderall with a legitamate prescription from your doctor.

The Orgasm in Men and How Adderall Affects It

Adderall typically makes men last a lot longer. My theory on this is that women’s orgasm is more mental and emotional (which Adderall and other amphetamines can greatly enhance), whereas mens is more physical. Since Adderall enhances the brain, it makes it easier for women to have an orgasm, yet directs blood flow away from the genitals in men making it much more difficult for men to orgasm. This is not the case with all men or with all women, but seems to be the norm in general reviews online and in case studies on .gov Adderall forums and web reviews. In my opinion, Adderall and sex is better that without Adderall, but this is not the case for all users.

Final Thoughts on Adderall and Sex, Having Sex on Adderall…And Why It’s SOOO Much Better

Overall, Adderall and sex, having sex on Adderall, and pursuing to watch porn or masturbate while on Adderall can be a ton of fun, but it can also be totally destructive if you’re going to spend all day doing it, have multiple orgasms in a day to the point where it becomes obsessive, or continue satisfying yourself to the point that it interferes with your work. For occassional bouts however, Adderall can make sex last longer, can make sex better or worse depending entirely on the individual person, their preferenes, and how their own body chemistry reacts to Adderall, and can make pornography and masturbation generally last longer and be more enjoyable. Since I know that this is a fairly controversial blog post, feel free to comment down below with your thoughts and ideas on the subject, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for a free sample of nootropics worth over fifty dollars! Until next time, you heard it here first at Nootropics





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