Adderall 30mg, Strength, Benefits, Dangers, and Why this is the Most Prescribed Dose

//Adderall 30mg, Strength, Benefits, Dangers, and Why this is the Most Prescribed Dose

Adderall 30mg, Strength, Benefits, Dangers, and Why this is the Most Commonly Prescribed Dosage

I didn’t sleep that night, instead awakening to another two pills, and going to school looking cleaner than ever, freshly showered, hair short and professionally gelled into a comb over, and sporting black jeans and a dress shirt. I walked into first period that day with a sense of intensity in my eyes, having purposely given a bad first impression on my new excuse for an English teacher as a result of my extreme overconfidence and lack of empathy. I wanted to wow her with my intelligence however, and make sure my grades stayed perfect with my next move. “Alright class, I hope you read the website, and I hope you read the crucible to yourselves at home” she said. “Yes, yes I thought, please be a test on it.” Phentermine and other stimulants are often times very heavily compared to this drug. Adderall 30mg in this case was the dosage prescribed.
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Adderall 30mg Dangers

I waited in anticipation for her response “Today we’ll be writing out an essay on it, five pages minimum. The prompt si on the board, you may begin now.” I got out some paper cracked my knuckles, and let my drug fueled muscles and brain power do the rest. In less than half an hour, the paper was done, perfectly revised, and ready to turn in. “I realized none of you have actually gotten deep into this thing” Dr. Smith started up “so I’m going to give you until the end of the week rather than fail the entire class. You will have until Friday, no excuses, to bring me the completed paper, typed, five pages.”

Adderall 30mg Benefits

The rest of the day continued in much the same fashion, I wowed my Spanish teacher with my ability to quickly acquire language skills, my physics honors teacher with my passion for math, and my AP Psychology teacher with my well rounded set of knowledge on the neurotransmitters of the brain. It wasn’t until I got home, that my drug Adderall 30mginduced devotion as a student really kicked into full gear. I typed out a final draft of Dr. Smiths’ paper, read the entire chapter for AP Psychology, defined the vocabulary words for Spanish and learned all of them, and even memorized each physics formula for the entire chapter.

Adderall 30mg Long-Term Use

After school however, my energy levels were still revved up and above normal. I convinced my brother to give me a piano lesson, downloaded language tapes and learned dozens of them, went jogging, which with my newfound energy was faster and more dangerous than usual.  I finally crashed however, only sleeping for a few hours. Nevertheless, the next day at school was even more unique because of it. As soon as the first period bell rang, still not completely down from yesterday’s Adderall dose, I slammed my completed report on Dr. Smith’s desk, neat report cover, perfectly organized, straightened, and even with a binding. I sat down in my seat as she began to scan over the bulk of the report. The class seemed shocked I was done, and I could tell the redneck from the previous day was probably feeling dumber than his usual self.
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Dr. Smith flipped through it ensuring it was five pages, and then proceeded to read it word for word. Nearly twenty minutes later, and after a varied assortment of facial expressions towards the essay that I couldn’t quite make out, she called me up to her desk in an almost angry tone. “Bradley!” “Yes” I replied, in an almost fearful state. “Well get up here and talk to me boy.” I put my head down and stared at the floor.

Adderall 30mg Overdose Signs

“Looks like genius over here messed up” added the redneck behind me. I sighed and walked over to her desk. “Boy how did you do this?” She seemed almost happy, while at the same time my paranoia grew that she may know how I actually did it so fast and so accurately. “What do you mean?” I said, playing dumb and trying to seem like I was in shock that it was good. “I mean this is a great paper” she replied with a smile. “Really?” I said, incredibly happy that I was probably going to get an A for the semester because of this.  “Yeah, I mean you tied it all together, used correct vocabulary. Nice job.” She put the paper on her wall; something I wasn’t sure high school teachers did anymore. “Can I use the bathroom really quick Dr. Smith.” I asked “Yeah sure honey, go right ahead.” I immediately darted to the water fountain and drank my fill before running into the bathroom stall, falling to the floor and holding my aching kidneys and chest.

Adderall 30mg and Adderall 30 Milligram Extreme Dangers

The pain grew with every rapid beat of my heart, and I could feel the agony in my kidney growing from what I knew was the excessive weight loss and chronic dehydration. I wanted the side effects to stop, but not as much as I wanted to get high, or as much as I wanted to ward off the withdrawals. I hoped the side effects wouldn’t become too overbearing, but tried to pull myself together before anyone worried something was seriously wrong with me.



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